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VOLTRX Shaker Bottle, Gallium USB C Rechargeable Electric Protein Shake Mixer, Shaker Cups for Protein Shakes and Meal Replacement Shakes, BPA Free, Made with Tritan, 24oz

VOLTRX Shaker Bottle, Gallium USB C Rechargeable Electric Protein Shake Mixer, Shaker Cups for Protein Shakes and Meal Replacement Shakes, BPA Free, Made with Tritan, 24oz

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VOLTRX Shaker Bottle, Gallium USB C Rechargeable Electric Protein Shake Mixer, Shaker Cups for Protein Shakes and Meal Replacement Shakes, BPA Free, Made with Tritan, 24oz

Are you looking for a convenient and hassle-free way to mix your protein shakes and meal replacement shakes on the go? Do you want smooth, delicious drinks without clumping, noise, or mess? If so, you need the VOLTRX Shaker Bottle, the ultimate solution for travelers who value time and health.

The VOLTRX Shaker Bottle is a revolutionary electric shaker bottle that blends your drinks with a button. It uses a powerful 6000rpm motor and a patented blade design to create a smooth vortex that dissolves any powder in seconds. Whether you need a quick breakfast, a post-workout boost, or a healthy snack, the VOLTRX Shaker Bottle can help you quickly achieve your fitness goals.

Fantastic Benefits:

  • 🥤 Save time and energy: No more shaking by hand, clanging noise, or cleaning hassle. Press the button and let the VOLTRX Shaker Bottle do your work.
  • 🥤 Enjoy smooth and tasty drinks: No more lumps, clumps, or chunks. The VOLTRX Shaker Bottle creates a silky-smooth vortex that blends any powder perfectly. Add squashed bananas, berries, or nuts for extra flavor and nutrition.
  • 🥤 Stay healthy and hydrated: The VOLTRX Shaker Bottle is made of high-quality Tritan material, which is BPA-free, non-toxic, and odorless. It has a 24oz capacity, ideal for staying hydrated throughout the day. It also has a leak-proof screw-on lid and a removable base for easy cleaning.

Fantastic Features:

  • 🔋 USB C rechargeable: The VOLTRX Shaker Bottle has a built-in rechargeable battery that can last up to a month on a single charge. It comes with a USB C cable that can be plugged into any power source, such as a laptop, a car charger, or a power bank.
  • 🌈 Multiple colors: The VOLTRX Shaker Bottle is available in four vibrant colors: orange, red, blue, and green. You can choose the one that suits your style and personality.
  • 💡 LED indicator: The VOLTRX Shaker Bottle has an intelligent LED indicator that shows the battery level and the mixing status. It also has a safety feature that prevents the motor from overheating or overloading.


  • Material: Tritan
  • Bottle type: shaker bottle
  • Color: orange, red, blue, or green
  • Capacity: 24oz (marking goes to 20oz)
  • Weight: 1.5 lbs
  • Motor speed: 6000rpm
  • Battery type: lithium-ion
  • Battery capacity: 1200mAh
  • Charging time: 2 hours
  • Charging port: USB C

The VOLTRX Shaker Bottle is the perfect companion for travelers who want to stay fit and healthy. It is portable, versatile, and convenient. You can easily pack it in your suitcase, backpack, or gym bag and take it anywhere. You can mix protein shakes, meal replacement shakes, smoothies, coffee, tea, or any other drink you like. You can also use it as a regular water bottle or a snack storage container. The VOLTRX Shaker Bottle is designed to make your life easier and more enjoyable.


  • How do I use the VOLTRX Shaker Bottle?
    • 💡 Fill the VOLTRX Shaker Bottle with liquid, add powder, and press the button. The motor will spin, creating a vortex that mixes your drink in seconds. Add fruits, nuts, or ice cubes to your drink for extra flavor and texture. To stop the motor, press the button again or wait for 30 seconds, which is the default mixing time.
  • How do I clean the VOLTRX Shaker Bottle?
    • 💡 To clean the VOLTRX Shaker Bottle, unscrew the lid and the base and rinse them with water. You can also use a soft brush or a sponge to remove any residue. Do not use a dishwasher, a microwave, or boiling water to clean the VOLTRX Shaker Bottle. Do not submerge the motor or the battery in water. Dry the parts thoroughly before reassembling the VOLTRX Shaker Bottle.
  • How do I charge the VOLTRX Shaker Bottle?
    • 💡 To charge the VOLTRX Shaker Bottle, connect the USB C cable to the charging port on the base and plug it into any power source. The LED indicator will flash red while charging and turn solid green when fully charged. The charging time is about 2 hours, and the battery life is about a month on a single charge.

If you are ready to experience the convenience and quality of the VOLTRX Shaker Bottle, don’t wait any longer. Order yours today and enjoy smooth and delicious drinks anytime, anywhere. The VOLTRX Shaker Bottle is the ultimate travel essential for anyone who values time and health. Don’t miss this opportunity to get the best electric shaker bottle on the market. Click the “Add to Cart” button now and start your journey to a better you.

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Color: orange


  • One-key stirring: Adopt more intelligent stirring system, click the button to stir, 30S stirring is completed automatically shut down, completely get rid of hand shaking.
  • No lumps: Alternate between powerful vortex and high-speed vortex, make the water and powder blend perfectly, the protein powder shake is as smooth as milk.
  • Easy to clean: the removable design makes the residual powder directly exposed to the cup, which can be completely cleaned, and will not produce odor after long-term use.
  • Quiet mixing: The vortex mixing system does not produce annoying clashing sound, mixing is as quiet as typing on a keyboard.
  • Preferred material: made of XX material, free of pathogenic BPA and phthalates, non-toxic and odorless, and the cup is not easy to stick to protein powder powder
  • Leak-proof sealing: screw-on lid and base have leak-proof sealing design to ensure that the liquid inside the cup will not spill out.
  • Convenient to carry: Adjustable carrying ring increases portability, and the ring top is easy to carry or attach a key.
  • Long lasting battery life: the battery has been optimized and improved, it can be charged for 1 hour to meet 70+ times of stirring
  • Capacity: 21oz total capacity, 16oz blending capacity, up to 80g of protein powder at the same time.
  • Attentive after-sales service: Voltrx has served more than 5 million customers worldwide. Meanwhile, we have responsive customer service to solve your problems in time. Add Voltrx Mixing Bottle to your cart now and experience the premium service!

Binding: Tools & Home Improvement

model number: vt004

Part Number: vt004

Details: Innovative Design All Over VOLTRX, a magical new way to mix and the ultimate solution to eliminate clumping. New and improved, VOLTRX Gallium electric shaker bottle benefits from patented technology to enhance its power and endurance. The innovative design allows you to clean every corner of the protein mixer cup whilst the tight-fitting screw-on cap ensures it stays watertight. Made with US Tritan material, our electric shaker cup are BPA-Free with an IPX5 waterproof base. VOLTRX is better than ever. Mix Like A Pro; Stirred Not Shaken The new patented technologies that built VOLTRX Gallium electric protein shaker bottle provide the ultimate solution to eliminate caking. Traditional shaker bottles with wire mixing balls are hard to clean, noisy and leave lumps of powder in your drink. And all the ballless protein shakers are even worse. Smooth shakes are mixed, not shaken, and the VOLTRX protein shake mixer takes mixing to a whole new level. Dissolve Within 15s 6000rpm powerful motor with a unique patented blade design and ingenious transmission construction of VOLTRX Gallium electric shaker bottle ensures that protein powder will completely dissolve in liquid within 15 seconds so you can enjoy that silky texture you’ve been waiting for. Seamless Watertight Fit VOLTRX Gallium protein shake mixer bottle is built to ensure a leak-proof design featuring a reliable screw cap lid and temperature-resistant material to prevent deformation. Keep the electric mixer cup closed at all times, and place it in your gym bag with confidence. There’s Power In Silence Clanging ball shakers and loud blenders, step aside. Thanks to VOLTRX's patented silent motor technology, Gallium vortex protein shaker is ideal for use every morning or in the office without disturbing your family or colleagues. Just The Right Size The 24oz (700ml) capacity means you can fit 16oz (480ml) of liquid with up to 3 scoops of protein powder, making VOLTRX's Gallium vortex shaker bottle an excellent size for making shakes for anyone. Even if you have big goals, VOLTRX can help you meet them. Easy To Maintain With the IPX5-certified waterproof base, you can rinse your cup directly under a tap while it's on after use. Gallium self stirring protein shaker waterproof sealing rings are removable, making cleaning every part of the cup easy. It can be washed in the dishwasher after removing the motorized base. 1 Charge For 2 Months VOLTRX is highly efficient, our designers ensured Gallium rechargeable protein shaker delivers superb power and long-lasting battery life without compromise. Just one charge is required in order to complete two months of mixing. Designed With The Earth In Mind VOLTRX Gallium protein shake mixer cup is designed to take care of you and Planet Earth. Our shaker bottles for protein mixes use ♻️recyclable materials, a greener supply chain and responsible packaging. Made with Tritan material from the USA, they're more transparent and less fragile for long lasting quality. What’s in the Box -- VOLTRX Gallium portable protein shake mixer. -- USB Type C charging cable -- ♻️Eco-friendly packaging -- Welcome guide -- 12-month warranty -- 24/7 professional customer service

Package Dimensions: 8.3 x 4.1 x 3.9 inches