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Survival Car Emergency Kit | Roadside Safety Essentials for Travelers

Survival Car Emergency Kit | Roadside Safety Essentials for Travelers

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At Encompass RL, we're committed to enhancing travel experiences. While we don't have this item for sale directly, we believe it's crucial for trips. We've linked to this product on Amazon for your convenience.

Everlit Survival Car Emergency Kit, Roadside Safety Tool Kit with Gloves,Digital Auto Air Compressor Tire Inflator, First Aid Kit, 12 Feet Jumper Cable, Tow Strap, Flashlight for Women, Men, Teenagers

Prepare for the unexpected on your travels with our Survival Car Emergency Kit - the ultimate companion for safety and peace of mind. Designed with travelers in mind, this comprehensive kit equips you with the tools and supplies needed for any traveler's roadside emergency. Whether on a road trip, vacation, or business trip, this kit ensures you're always ready for the unexpected.

Key Benefits:

  • 🚗 Roadside Safety: Be prepared for car breakdowns and emergencies.
  • 🏥 First Aid Support: Includes a comprehensive first aid kit.
  • 🔦 Visibility: Powerful flashlight for night emergencies.
  • 🔄 Versatile: Suitable for travelers, families, and individuals.

Key Features:

  • 🛠️ Multi-Tool Kit: Includes jumper cables, tow straps, and gloves, and more car emergency essentials.
  • Digital Tire Inflator: Quickly inflate tires with precision.
  • 🧰 First Aid Essentials: Comprehensive first aid supplies.
  • 🌟 Safety and Peace of Mind: Stay safe on the road.


  • 🧤 Gloves: High-quality gloves for safety and protection.
  • 🔋 Flashlight: Powerful LED flashlight for visibility.
  • 🚗 Jumper Cable: 12-foot jumper cable for jump-starting.
  • 🚑 First Aid Kit: Includes essential first aid supplies.
  • 🚙 Tow Strap: Durable tow strap for roadside assistance.

Additional Details: This Survival Car Emergency Kit is an essential companion for travelers, offering peace of mind and safety during your journeys. Its compact and portable design makes it easy to store in your car, ensuring you're always prepared for the unexpected. Whether on a road trip, vacation, or daily commute, this kit provides the security you need.


  • ❓ Q: Is this kit suitable for all types of vehicles?
    • 💡 A: It's designed to be versatile and compatible with most vehicles.
  • ❓ Q: How do I use the digital tire inflator?
    • 💡 A: The digital inflator is user-friendly and comes with clear instructions.
  • ❓ Q: What's included in the first aid kit?
    • 💡 A: The first aid kit contains a range of supplies for minor injuries and emergencies.

Don't leave your safety to chance - make our Survival Car Emergency Kit an essential part of your travel gear. Be ready for any roadside situation and ensure a secure journey every time. Take action now to enhance your travel safety and order your kit today!

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Everlit Survival Car Emergency Kit, Roadside Safety Tool Kit with Gloves,Digital Auto Air Compressor Tire Inflator, First Aid Kit, 12 Feet Jumper Cable, Tow Strap, Flashlight for Women, Men, Teenagers View full details

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Color: Multicolor


  • The Road Guardian- The portable roadside assistance kit is designed and hand picked by a group of experienced veterans and experts to provide every essential tools you need in roadside emergencies. The automotive safety bag contains accessories such as repair cable ties, bungee cords, electrical tape, space blanket, rain poncho, reflective warning triangle, glass breaker, seatbelt cutter, safety gloves, tow rope and more to get your vehicle back on the road and continue your travel.
  • Top-Notch Digital Auto Tire Inflator- lightweight and compact air compressor can inflate your standard vehicles tire in seconds. With auto shutoff function, simply plug it into the 12v power outlet and attach the stem to the tire valve, preset the tire pressure and press the power button. The compressor starts the inflating process and stop once your tire reaches at your preset level. This cool gadget also has led light for winter nighttime and three extra nozzles for inflammable bed, others
  • Copper-Clad Aluminum 12 Feet 8 Gauge Jumper Cable- A durable battery starter cable is a must-have for your trip. Unlike other kits on the market, our jumper cable has reasonable length to get your cars connected. 8 gauge wires and 300 amp output is more than enough to get your standard vehicle started. UL listed heavy-duty battery jumper cables make you physically and environmentally safer and more reliable.
  • Completed 108 Pieces First Aid Kit- By having a completed first aid kit, provide you and your family proper basic wound/hygiene treatment before it possibly get worsened during your road trip. Our kit includes alcohol pads, bandages, cotton tips, knuckle bandages, butterfly bandages, wound pad, sting relief pads, gloves, tape, dressing, PBT bandage, CPR mask, tweezer, safety pins, soap wipe, disinfect wipe, adhesive wound pad, triangular bandage, finger bandage.
  • Veteran Owned Company 5-Star Customer Support- Everlit is committed into providing the most comprehensive customer service. We proudly offer the exclusive 60-days hassle-free return among all products. We stand behind the quality of our inventory; all original Everlit products are covered with a 1-year satisfaction warranty.

Part Number: EVERLIT-Parent


Why choose Everlit Survival Car Emergency Kit?

-A truly MUST-HAVE all in one roadside assistance kit that customized and field-tested by U.S. Military veterans. Perfect for car travel activities and emergencies. Be smart, be prepared!

-With our 12 feet 8 gauge 300 Amp heavy-duty jumper cable included in the kit, it gives drivers enough distance to charge the dead battery and fast charge.

-108 Pieces basic first aid supplies provide you basic urgent medical assistance until treated by medical professions. Perfect for home, work, outdoor uses. It never hurts to prepared with something that might save your life.

-Must-have Kit for all family: From Birthday to Veterans Day, and from Fathers Day to Christmas gift! This car safety kit is the best gift idea for all family members including wife, husband, daughter, son, etc. Perfect present for family, military, firefighter, outdoor enthusiast and more!


Car Emergency Kit includes:

1X 12 Ft 8 Gauge 300AMp Jumper Cable

1X Portable Air Compressor

1X Hand Crank Flashlight

1X Reflective Warning Triangle

1X Tow Rope

1X Emergency Hammer

1X Emergency Poncho

1X Emergency Blanket

1X Safety Gloves

2X Bungee Cords

15X Cable Ties

1X Electric PVC Tape

1X 108 Pieces Basic First Aid Kit

1X Premium Large Tool Bag

Package Dimensions: 16.5 x 7.8 x 7.3 inches