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Travel-Sized Bounce Rapid Touch-Up Wrinkle Spray | 3 oz

Travel-Sized Bounce Rapid Touch-Up Wrinkle Spray | 3 oz

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At Encompass RL, we're committed to enhancing travel experiences. While we don't have this item for sale directly, we believe it's crucial for trips. We've linked to this product on Amazon for your convenience.

Bounce Rapid Touch-Up 3-In-1 Wrinkle Release Spray 3 oz

Introducing the Bounce Rapid Touch-Up 3-In-1 Wrinkle Release Spray, your travel essential for wrinkle-free clothes on the go. Say goodbye to creased garments during your travels with this Bounce 3-in-1 wrinkle spray travel bottle.

Key Benefits:

  • 🌟 Instant Wrinkle Release: Achieve a fresh, polished look in seconds with Bounce wrinkle spray.
  • 🌎 Travel-Friendly: This Bounce rapid touch-up spray comes in a 3 oz size for your packing convenience.
  • 🧳 Versatile Use: This Bounce rapid touch-up travel size is ideal for trips, vacations, and business travel.
  • 🌿 Gentle Formula: The Bounce anti-wrinkle spray is safe for all fabrics and skin-friendly.

Key Features:

  • ✈️ 3-In-1 Formula: Wrinkle release, fabric freshening, and static control are features of this Bounce wrinkle spray travel bottle.
  • 🧴 No Residue: The Bounce rapid touch-up 3-in-1 wrinkle releaser clothing spray Leaves no residue or stains on clothing.
  • ♻️ Environmentally Friendly: Cruelty-free and eco-conscious Bounce spray for wrinkles.
  • 📏 Compact Size: Bounce rapid touch-up 3-in-1 wrinkle release spray 3 oz fits easily in your travel bag or carry-on.


  • 📦 Size: 3 oz Travel-sized Bounce wrinkle release spray
  • 🧺 Fabric-Friendly: This Bounce spray for wrinkles in clothes is suitable for all fabric types.
  • 🚫 Chemical-Free: This Bounce de-wrinkle spray is free of harsh chemicals.
  • 🌐 Safe for Travel: This Bounce touch-up spray is TSA-approved size.

Additional Details:

The Bounce Rapid Touch-Up 3-In-1 Wrinkle Release Spray is your ultimate travel wrinkle spray. Whether you're on a vacation, business trip, or adventure, this compact and versatile spray ensures you always look your best. Say goodbye to wrinkled clothes and hello to hassle-free travel.


  • ❓ Q: Can I use this spray on delicate fabrics?
    • 💡 A: It's safe for all fabric types, including delicate ones.
  • ❓ Q: Is it TSA-friendly for air travel?
    • 💡 A: Yes, the 3 oz size complies with TSA regulations for carry-on liquids.

Travel with confidence and style. Keep your clothes wrinkle-free with the Bounce Rapid Touch-Up 3-In-1 Wrinkle Release Spray. Don't let wrinkles ruin your travel moments. Grab this travel-sized wonder now and ensure you always look your best, no matter where you are!

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Amazon About This Item

Brand: Bounce


  • Takes care of wrinkles seamlessly, On the Go with Travel Size
  • Eliminates odors and gives your clothes an added fresh light scent
  • Removes static from fabrics
  • Simple to use: 1. Spray on dry clothes, 2. Tug & smooth with hands, 3. Hang or lay flat
  • Like any household detergent, keep away from children

model number: 38568

Part Number: 37000

Details: The piece of clothing you want to wear is wrinkled, doesn't smell fresh and you're short on time. What do you do That's easy: you simply spray it with Bounce Rapid Touch-Up 3 in 1, an innovative wrinkle releaser, clothing refresher and static remover fabric spray that gives you presentable garments in a flash. It's developed with fine mist spray technology to give you fine & even coverage that helps dry quickly on your clothes, so you can skip ironing or placing them in the dryer. Bounce's 3-in-1 spray gives you ready-to-wear clothes when you need them.

EAN: 0037000385684

Package Dimensions: 5.6 x 1.5 x 1.4 inches