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Reusable Lint Roller Pet Hair Remover Tool

Reusable Lint Roller Pet Hair Remover Tool

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At Encompass RL, we're committed to enhancing travel experiences. While we don't have this item for sale directly, we believe it's crucial for trips. We've linked to this product on Amazon for your convenience.

QKAIFRYSUG Resuable Washable Lint Roller Sticky for Pet Hair Cat Dog Remover Tool Pet Shedding Brush Cleans Your Clothing Sofa (Pink, Blue) 2 Pack

As an Airbnb host, maintaining a clean and welcoming environment is vital. The 2Pcs Reusable Lint Roller is here to save the day. With its efficient pet hair removal capabilities, this tool ensures your guest spaces are spotless, whether it's your suits, sofas, car seats, or any other surfaces. Say goodbye to unsightly pet hairs and hello to immaculate guest spaces.

🌟 Airbnb Host Benefits:

  • 🐱 Effortless Pet Hair Removal: This reusable lint roller for pet hair easily removes cat and dog hairs, ensuring your guest spaces are allergen-free and pristine.
  • ♻️ Eco-Friendly and Reusable: Reduce waste and save money with these washable lint rollers.
  • 🌈 Versatile and Convenient: Ideal for a variety of surfaces, from furniture to clothing, making it a must-have in your Airbnb cleaning supplies.

🐾 Airbnb Guest Benefits:

  • 🧼 Spotless Comfort: Guests can enjoy a clean and hair-free environment thanks to this washable sticky roller for pet hair, enhancing their overall experience.
  • 🌟 Fresh and Allergen-Free: With pet hair under control, guests can breathe easier and relax comfortably.
  • 🏞️ Versatile and Effective: This sofa lint roller ensures their stay is as enjoyable as possible, no matter where they are.

Additional Details:

The 2Pcs Reusable Lint Roller Pet Hair is a game-changer for Airbnb hosts. This sticky lint roller versatility extends to guest room essentials, short-term rental essentials, and Airbnb cleaning supplies. It's a vital component of your host starter kit, ensuring your vacation home products are always in top condition. This lint roller embodies the convenience and efficiency Airbnb hosts need to maintain a welcoming and spotless space.


  • ❓ Q: How do I clean the lint roller after use?
    • 💡 A: Simply rinse it under running water, and it's ready for the next use.
  • ❓ Q: Is it suitable for delicate fabrics?
    • 💡 A: It's gentle on all surfaces, perfect for various materials.

Invest in the cleanliness and comfort of your Airbnb spaces. This 2Pcs Reusable Lint Roller is your secret weapon for a hair-free and immaculate guest experience. Explore this essential tool and buy on Amazon now to elevate your Airbnb hosting game. Comes with a pink lint roller and a blue lint roller. Ensure your guests have a delightful and hair-free stay!

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QKAIFRYSUG Resuable Washable Lint Roller Sticky for Pet Hair Cat Dog Remover Tool Pet Shedding Brush Cleans Your Clothing Sofa (Pink, Blue) 2 Pack View full details

Amazon About This Item


Color: Pink&blue


  • New Version: The new release lint roller was made by durable material and the handle has been improved. The roll will not fall out of the handles.
  • High Quality Reusable Lint Roller: This upgraded larger roller can effectively remove piles of pets hair with Ease; with protective plastic cover and silicone roller part, this roller is moisture resistant and durable;Anti-slip plastic handle design is very comfortable to hold.
  • Washable & Long Lasting: Simply rinse the pet hair roller with your hand under tab; Just shake it to get most of the water off and start rolling! Use again & again need for refills! Super sticky.
  • Long lasting: It is easy to clean your sticky roller with soap and water. Let it completely dry and it is again very sticky and ready to be reused.
  • Works on Multiple Surfaces: Easily keep your carpets, rugs, sofa covers, and clothes absolutely free from your pet's hair. It's also can be used to clean furniture, comforters, clothing, floors, and even the upholstery of your vehicle.

Binding: Kitchen

model number: lint roller

Part Number: lint roller

Details: Specification: Material: 70% ABS 30% Thermo-Plastic-Rubber. Weight:0.29Kg. Large roller size: 19.5cmx17.5cm. Color: Blue,Pink. More Features: -This stick lint roller can be rinsed with water and reused over and over again. - Better washed in tepid water (rather than cold) and dries pretty quickly. -Sticky adhesive picks up hair, pet's hair, lint or dust easily. -Suitable and safe for all kinds of surface: clothes, beds, furniture etc. -Non-toxic & tasteless NOTICE: For the first time use, please tear off the protective film on the surface. After use, roller can be directly washed with detergent or washing powder(quicker). Let it dry and then you can use it again. Package: 1x Blue lint roller. 1x Pink hair tool.

EAN: 8011603918465

Package Dimensions: 8.2 x 7.8 x 3.1 inches