Walt Disney Parks and Resorts Packing List, Tips, and Tricks You Wished You'd Known.

Planning a trip to the most Magical Place on Earth this holiday season? It's good to be prepared and to know what to expect whatever month you choose to visit. We've assembled some helpful tips and important things to bring for your upcoming trip to make it more enjoyable.

Buy Your Tickets Online, safely - This will save you time at the gate, and money with all the discount packages you can find. There are a lot of scams out there to, so be careful. We recommend reading this guide at Mousesavers.com to know how to avoid the scams. Alternatively, just buy directly from Disney for whichever resort you're planning your vacation too.

Pack for warm and cold weather - Plan your outfit according to the short-range forecast. Bring a sweatshirt, hat, and gloves; pack jeans or long pants to keep you warm and comfortable during chilly morning and evening hours. If you're from a dryer climate, don't forget that the humidity can amplify the temperature to seem extra cold or extra warm. Make sure to bring your Sunscreen and Sunglasses too!

Plan to be on your feet all day - Choose your footwear carefully. You’ll spend a long day of walking at Disneyland so it’s best to pack comfortable shoes that you have worn before.

Bring a Lightweight Backpack or Cross-body Bag - You don't want a heavy suitcase or handbag to carry around what you will need for the day. You'll also want your hands free to take pictures for that magical experience. We recommend either this foldable backpack, or find others here.

Foldable Lightweight Nylon Travel Backpack Bag

Mini First Aid Kit - Your vacation is meant to be fun, but be prepared to fix little issues to keep it that way. Bring something for headaches, bring band-aids for blisters and cuts, and you may want to bring motion sickness medicine. You can find a cute little mini first aid bag here to store it all in. (Note: bag only, doesn't contain anything).

Mini Travel First Aid Bag | Medicine Storage Travel Case

Pocket Blanket - A waterproof pocket blanket will keep your bottom comfortable, and will protect little ones sitting on the cold ground while waiting for a parade. Can also be used if you didn't bring enough cold weather clothing. Check out this Pocket Blanket.

Portable Pocket Nylon Waterproof Travel Blanket

Collapsible Water Bottle - Disney allows you to bring your own water and snacks into the parks. Bring a collapsible water bottle that can be easily stored in your backpack when empty and that can be filled up when you’re thirsty.

Collapsible Foldable Water Bottle

Travel Umbrella - You’ll never know when you might get caught in a rain, especially in locations that will have quick unexpected rain showers before going back to sunny and hot. Try this Travel Umbrella.

Super Light And Small Umbrella

Emergency Poncho - If you don’t like carrying around an umbrella and want to go on water rides, pack a disposable plastic poncho to keep you dry. Or pick up a Disney one while you're there.

Extra Socks - Don' forget to bring extra socks for your feet too! Walking around in wet socks is not exaclty something you'll want to do.

Waterproof Phone Case - A waterproof phone case is a must so you don’t miss any photos while splashing around in water rides. Take great photos while your smartphone is locked in a waterproof phone case.

Universal Waterproof Phone Case

Portable Charger (Backup Power Batteries) - Don’t let your battery run out while taking pictures on your phone throughout the day. Carry your charging cord and keep your phone fully charged.

Check the Rules Before You Pack - You will want to check the official list of restricted personal items before you travel to see what other things you can’t take into the parks. Each park is a little different, but Here is a link to the general rules. Biggest note, no Selfie Sticks.

Travel Comfortably - Disney resorts are spread across the globe, but for most people, they're still a long road trip or flight away. So whether you're traveling to Disneyland in Paris, Tokyo, Hong Kong, Shanghai, California, or Disneyworld in Florida, don't let a lack of sleep stop you from getting straight to the attractions! Bring a Neck Support Travel Pillow to sleep better, and check out our Flight Accessories and Road Trip Gear collections to make your travels easier.

Get an early start - Disney World parks are always crowded, even in winter. Christmas week through New Years weekend is the busiest of the entire year. The best way to kickstart your day is to visit early and get there before they open. Be there early and take advantage of the Fast Pass rides, where you can get a ticket in advance to reduce the amount of time waiting for popular Disneyland rides.

And last but not least, have fun!


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