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If you're looking for a reliable way to keep track of your items, the Apple AirTag 4 Pack is worth considering. I recently had the opportunity to test out these tracking devices and here's what I found.

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Pros and Cons

What We Liked

  1. Easy setup: The one-tap setup with your iPhone or iPad makes connecting the AirTag a breeze.
  2. Precise tracking: The Ultra Wideband technology enables precision finding, leading you right to your nearby AirTag.
  3. Wide network coverage: With the help of millions of Apple devices in the Find My network, you can track items that are further away.
  4. Convenience features: You can play a sound on the built-in speaker of the AirTag or ask Siri for help in locating your belongings.
  5. Durable and water-resistant: The IP67 rating ensures that the AirTag is both water and dust resistant, providing peace of mind.

What Can Be Improved

  1. Limited range for car tracking: While the AirTag is effective for finding items in close proximity, it may not work as reliably for locating your car in a parking lot.
  2. Inconsistent performance in low light: The AirTag sometimes requires more light to function properly, which can be frustrating when trying to locate items in darker environments.

Quick Verdict

In my experience, the Apple AirTag 4 Pack offers a convenient and reliable tracking solution for everyday use. It's simple to set up, provides precise tracking within close range, and benefits from the extensive Find My network. Although it may have limitations when it comes to locating items in certain scenarios, such as finding a car in a parking lot, it still offers valuable assistance in keeping track of your belongings. If you're someone who frequently misplaces items or has a pet that likes to wander, the Apple AirTag is definitely worth considering. You can find the Apple AirTag 4 Pack on Amazon.


Unboxing - What's Inside?


I recently purchased the Apple AirTag 4 Pack from Amazon because I was tired of misplacing my belongings. As soon as I placed the order, I eagerly waited for the product to arrive. Considering I live in the USA, the delivery was incredibly fast, and it arrived within two days.

When I unboxed the package, I discovered the following items inside:

  • Four AirTags: The main highlight of the bundle was the four AirTags, each in a sleek and compact design, ready to be attached to my belongings.
  • Connector: There was also a male-to-male connector included in the box, which allows easy attachment of the AirTags to various items.
  • Color: All the AirTags and the connector were in a stunning white color, which perfectly matches my other Apple devices.




Here are the specifications of the Apple AirTag 4 Pack:

  • Connector Gender: Male-to-Male.
  • Color: White.
  • Compatible Phone Models: iPhone.
  • Compatible Devices: AirTag.
  • Brand: Apple.


Documentation/ User Guide


The box did not include a user guide or documentation. However, I was able to find a comprehensive user guide on the official Apple website. This user guide helped me understand the setup process, how to attach the AirTags, and how to utilize their features effectively. You can find the user guide here.

Features - What We Found

Keep track of and find your items alongside friends and devices in the Find My app

The Apple AirTag allows you to keep track of your items using the Find My app. You can easily locate your belongings by viewing their last known location on a map. Additionally, you can see the location of your items alongside your friends and other devices connected to the Find My network. This feature provides peace of mind and reassurance that your items are always within reach.

If you misplace your belongings, you can enlist the help of the Find My network to locate them. By marking your AirTag as lost, it can be detected by other Apple devices in the vicinity. This collaborative network of Apple devices ensures that you have a higher chance of finding your lost items, even if they are out of Bluetooth range. With the Find My app, you no longer have to worry about permanently misplacing your valuables.

Pro-tip: To maximize the effectiveness of the Find My app, ensure that your AirTag is connected to a device with an active internet connection. This will allow for real-time updates on the location of your items.

Simple one-tap setup instantly connects AirTag with your iPhone or iPad

Setting up the Apple AirTag is quick and effortless. With a simple one-tap setup, you can instantly connect the AirTag to your iPhone or iPad. This seamless integration allows you to start tracking your items in no time. Gone are the days of complicated pairing processes and lengthy setup instructions.

By connecting the AirTag to your Apple device, you gain access to its full range of features and functionalities. You can easily customize settings, enable notifications, and manage multiple AirTags within the Find My app. The intuitive interface ensures that you can effortlessly navigate and control your AirTags with ease.

Product Link: Apple AirTag 4 Pack on Amazon

Play a sound on the built-in speaker to help find your things, or just ask Siri for help

The AirTag is equipped with a built-in speaker that allows you to play a sound and help locate your lost items. When you are in close proximity to your AirTag, you can trigger a sound through the Find My app to help you find your belongings. This feature is especially handy when searching for smaller items that may be hidden from plain sight.

In addition to playing a sound manually, you can also ask Siri to assist you in finding your items. By simply asking Siri to locate your AirTag, it will play a sound, making it even more convenient to track down your belongings. This voice-activated feature saves you time and effort, making the process of finding your items even easier.

Precision Finding with Ultra Wideband technology leads you right to your nearby AirTag (on select iPhone models)

The Apple AirTag utilizes Ultra Wideband (UWB) technology, available on select iPhone models, to provide precise location tracking and proximity guidance. With UWB technology, you can locate your AirTag with incredible accuracy, leading you directly to your nearby item. This feature is especially useful in crowded environments or when searching for belongings in hard-to-reach places.

Precision Finding with UWB technology works by leveraging the precise spatial awareness capabilities of UWB signals. By measuring the time it takes for the UWB signal to travel between the iPhone and the AirTag, the device can calculate the exact distance and direction of the AirTag. This information is then translated into on-screen guidance, leading you straight to your valuable possessions.

Find items further away with the help of hundreds of millions of Apple devices in the Find My network

The Find My network, comprising hundreds of millions of Apple devices globally, enhances the range and effectiveness of the Apple AirTag. If you happen to misplace your belongings outside the Bluetooth range of your personal device, the Find My network comes into play. Other Apple devices in the vicinity can detect your lost AirTag and anonymously relay its location back to you through the Find My app.

By leveraging the vast network of Apple devices, you have a significantly higher chance of finding your lost items, even if they are far away. The collective power of millions of devices ensures that the Find My network extends beyond what a typical Bluetooth tracker can offer, maximizing the chances of locating your valuables.

Final Thoughts

Our Score: 95.0

As someone who frequently misplaces their belongings, the Apple AirTag 4 Pack has been a game-changer for me. These tiny tracking devices have saved me countless hours of searching and have given me peace of mind knowing that I can easily locate my items. Whether it's my keys, wallet, or even my dog, the AirTags have proven to be incredibly useful.

The setup process for the AirTags was seamless, and I appreciated being able to personalize each device. Once set up, they quickly appeared on the Find My app on my iPhone. The Precision Finding feature with Ultra Wideband technology has been particularly impressive, leading me directly to my nearby AirTag with great accuracy.

The AirTag's battery life is impressive, lasting over a year before needing to be replaced. Additionally, the IP67 water and dust resistance ensure that these trackers can withstand various environments. I also love that I can make the AirTag my own with a range of colorful accessories.

If you're prone to misplacing your belongings or have a pet that tends to wander, I highly recommend investing in the Apple AirTag 4 Pack. These devices offer peace of mind and have proved to be reliable in helping me locate my items. Don't let the size fool you - these tiny trackers are incredibly powerful.

To learn more about the Apple AirTag 4 Pack and purchase it, you can visit this link.

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