Your Ultimate Travel Companion Is Your Phone

Man's best friends are cute, fun, adorable, and great while at home. While on the road, your ultimate companion is your phone.

Let's face it, traveling these days is much different than it was in days of road maps, pagers, CD binders, Polaroid Cameras, tourism booklets, unknown janky hotels, and 55 MPH speed limits. The latter isn't handled by your phone, but everything else your phone has become the ultimate traveling asset.

Make sure your phone is equipped with these apps and accessories to make your traveling much easier and better.


 Google Maps

Our recommendation for navigation and maps is Google Maps. Get real-time GPS navigation, traffic, and transit info, and explore local neighborhoods by knowing where to eat, drink and go - no matter what part of the world you’re in. Just put in an address, and get the directions you need to get there.


Our recommendation for music and podcasts is Spotify. It has a free option, but with a premium subscription, you get to download your music so you can listen when you're in airplane mode or out of cell service.



Our recommendation for audiobooks is Audible. Listening to books is a great way to pass the time while in the car or in flight. Maybe even walking around not actively touring. Sign Up for a Free Trial Membership Here.


Our recommendation for reading books is Kindle. If you prefer to sit on a beach and read, or read words rather than listen to them, Kindle is the best digital source for books. Sign Up for a Free Trial Membership Here.


Our recommendation for finding lodging is Airbnb. Great for travelers to find the best stays for their style over hotels. Either find something that has much better accommodating and unique or find something much more affordable, or both! Sign Up with Our Link for $40 savings on your first booking.


Our recommendation for finding flights is Hopper. Find the cheapest flights, see a calendar of the coming year with dates color-coded to reflect historical price averages. Get alerts if the price changes. A great tool for finding your flights.




 Sony Noise Cancelling Headphones WH1000XM3

Having quality noise-canceling headphones makes a huge difference when traveling. These Sony headphones are our top choice. Built-in Alexa, great-sounding, long battery life, quickly charges, and many agree that it's the best.

 Waterproof Case

Protecting your phone from water damage, need we say more? 

 Anker PowerCore 10000

An alternative battery pack that's much smaller and lighter. Easier for portability and still gives your phone a charge while touring about. 

 Polaroid ZIP Wireless Mobile Photo Mini Printer

You might not carry around a Polaroid camera anymore, but you might still want to print pictures while on the go. This portable printer will allow you to do that without having to find a picture kiosk. 

 Tile Mate

Don't leave things behind. Use Tile Mates to keep track of your important belongings without leaving them behind, or having them run away from you without you noticing.

 Phone Holding Armband

Keep your phone close by without dropping it with an armband. Not just for fitness, but making sure it's secure during all your tourism between photoshoots.

 Adjustable Phone Stand

Reading Kindle books or watching Netflix can be a lot more enjoyable when you don't have to hold your phone or tablet. Use a stand to hold it up with a stand.

 Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker

Listen to music, books, your streamed shows, and whatever else needed. Take it to pools, beaches, camping, and anywhere else.

 USB Drive

Using your phone to capture memories with videos and pictures can be a large part of the fun, especially later. Running out of storage space on your phone for these memories can be beyond inconvenient. Copy those memories over and save space with a USB Drive.


Phones, the Ultimate Travel Companions

So much is packed into the phone in your pocket. Traveling these days are so much different than days past, and there's so much you can do. How else do you use your phone as the ultimate travel companion. 

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