Protect Your Packing List

"Big man in a suit of armor. Take that away and what are you?" - Captain America, The Avengers, 2012.

"Honey, Where's my super suit? ... I need it!" - Frozone, The Incredibles, 2004.

"I'm nothing without this suit." - Peter Parker, Spider-Man Homecoming, 2017.

Even superheroes need protective clothing. Ok, so, your luggage may not be a superhero, and luggage covers aren't made of mega mesh or designed by Edna Mode. Still, using a luggage cover is a smart travel accessory choice, and it's good for more than protection, it also gives your luggage a pop of personality! Pack your bags for your destination, try not to forget anything (but if you do, just buy a new one when you get there... right?), put a luggage cover on them so that your baggage stays safe on your flight, and you can find it easily on the carousel with all of those boring bags that look identical to each other, and head out for some fun in your chosen destination!


1. Protecting your baggage from scratches

Many suitcases have a hardcover, which is good for protecting your belongings. As for the suitcase itself though? Well, you will likely find that it quickly becomes scratched, which can be frustrating because we all know how expensive good luggage is these days, right? Suitcases are dropped, pushed, tossed, and bounced around all over the place. Luggage covers help protect your suitcase from getting scratched and damaged.

baggage handler tossing suitcase luggage airport

2. Be seen at passenger pickup

We've all been there, standing on the curb at the airport or hotel, trying to explain to our friend, family member, or rideshare driver how to find us, "I'll be the one in the tan coat, waving my arms above my head," but you get to the curb to find that nearly everyone looks just like that. No matter who is looking to pick you up, you can be hard to spot in the crowd. To help save time, and limit frustrations for everyone in an already frustrating situation you'll be able to describe your unique luggage cover to your designated driver. They will be able to spot your luggage cover before they can distinguish you.

airport hotel passenger pickup

3. Keep your luggage safe under the pressure

You (somehow) manage to get everything on your packing list into your suitcase. Then you add some souvenirs, a couple of destination t-shirts, and now you're sitting on your bag trying desperately to get it to close. All that pressure on the zipper and seams, along with the added pressure when your bag is tossed around, and it's not long before your suitcase bursts open. An elastic spandex luggage cover will help hold it closed, and take some of the pressure away, saving you on luggage repair costs.

ripped luggage

4. Quickly identify at the baggage claim or overhead bin

Ever see people go to grab a bag in the baggage claim, just to realize it's not theirs? Ever do that yourself? How do you react or feel when someone checks your bag thinking it might be theirs? What about finding your bags in the overhead bin after the flight, when they've shifted around or you forget exactly which bin you used? Avoid all that with a unique luggage cover that makes spotting your bag quick and easy, and stops others from mistaking it as theirs.

baggage claim see your luggage

5. Protection from rain, snow, dirt, mud, and sun

Luggage covers are easily washed, and waterproof. Keep your suitcase nice and your belongings safe from the weather. Even when the weather is good, if you're out in the sun, a luggage cover can protect your hard-sided suitcase from going brittle, and stop the color fading of your bags.

sun and weather protection

6. Seeing people in a crowd

You're walking along, and you turn around to suddenly find someone is missing. Looking around in a crowd trying to find them can be difficult. Spotting a unique luggage cover is a lot quicker. Avoid a "Home Alone: Lost in New York" situation easily by slipping an easy-to-spot cover on your loved one's bag so that you can not only spot them yourself but easily explain to others what they can look for. This can be beneficial if you have small children who might wander off, people in your party who might not be able to keep track of you and might get away without you noticing quickly enough, or maybe an elderly friend or relative who could get lost in the shuffle of all of the moving people.

people in a crowded airport

7. Hinder thieves

Do you have a lock on your suitcases main compartment? What about the side compartments? Even baggage handlers aren't always completely trustworthy. Make it more difficult for thieves to get into your suitcase with a luggage cover, and help keep honest people honest. 

baggage handler thieves

8. Save on plastic wrapping

You can have your luggage shrink wrapped. That does help provide protection but can cost a lot, can leave marks on your suitcase, and isn't always rewrapped if TSA decides to open your bag, and probably isn't great for the environment. A luggage cover is reusable, and washable, and will save you in the long run over shrink wrapping your luggage. The TSA is friendly with luggage protective covers. Learn More

9. Distinguish from others

Do you have the same suitcase as others in your family, what about business colleagues who you travel with? Do you have more than one of the same bag with different contents? Even if all the bags are in the car, a luggage cover make sure you get the right bag to the right person for the right reason. 

similar suitcases in the same party

10. Get handled faster

As you get to the baggage claim, you see one of your bags. The other suitcase, you've had to wait for 20 minutes for it to show up. The handlers have no idea that those two bags belong to the same person. If two bags are both covered with the same luggage cover, they're more likely to realize that they probably belong to the same person and it more probable that they'll group them together so you get your bags quicker.

11. Gift it

Not everyone is a frequent traveler, but most everyone travels at some point. Be it for business, vacation, family getaways, or visiting family elsewhere. Luggage covers are helpful for flights, road trips, cruises, train rides, and even just long walks in the city or backcountry camping. There's a luggage cover design for everyone, so if you're wondering what to gift someone a luggage cover makes for both a practical and fun gift at an affordable price. This really is a great gift for the person in your life who "already has everything they need," because it's something that they might not know that they need until you give it to them!

gift luggage cover


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