Review Dreo Electric Space Heater for Bathroom and Indoor, Portable Heater, 1500W Safe and Quiet PTC Ceramic Heater, 40-95°F Digital Thermostat, 70°Oscillating, Remote, ALCI Safety Plug, 12h Timer, 5 Modes

I recently had the opportunity to try out the Dreo Electric Space Heater for Bathroom and Indoor, and I must say, it's been a game-changer for me. As someone who loves taking warm showers during colder days, having a heater that is safe to use in the bathroom is a huge plus. The ALCI safety plug provides peace of mind by immediately shutting off the heater in case of a short or contact with water. This feature keeps me warm and safe in the bathroom.

Space Heater for Bathroom

Pros and Cons

What We Liked

  • The Dreo Electric Space Heater heats up quickly, reaching 75℉ in just 2 seconds. This is great for those cold mornings when you need instant warmth.
  • The airflow structure of this heater minimizes noise, making it extremely quiet at only 36.5 dB. You can enjoy a peaceful night's sleep without any disturbance.
  • With 5 energy-efficient modes and a digital thermostat, you can customize your heating experience according to your preferences. The ECO mode helps save energy while keeping you comfortable.
  • It is a compact and portable heater, perfect for use in various spaces, such as the bathroom, living room, kitchen, bedroom, or office.
  • The Dreo Electric Space Heater comes with multiple protection features, including tip-over and overheat protection. It also has a 24-hour auto shut off for added safety.

What Can Be Improved

  • One of the drawbacks of this heater is that it can get very hot even on the lowest setting. It would be beneficial to have a guard or grate to prevent accidental burns.
  • The touch controls on the device and remote could be more intuitive. It may require referring to the instruction manual initially to understand all the features and symbols.

Quick Verdict

The Dreo Electric Space Heater is a fantastic choice for anyone looking for a safe and efficient heater for their bathroom or indoor space. It offers quick and quiet heating, customizable settings, and multiple safety features. While it can get hot quickly, caution should be exercised to prevent burns. Overall, I highly recommend the Dreo Electric Space Heater for its performance and usability.

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Unboxing - What's Inside?

As a resident of the USA, I recently purchased the Dreo Electric Space Heater for Bathroom and Indoor from Amazon. The delivery was incredibly fast, and I received the product within two days of placing the order.

Upon unboxing the product, I found the following items:

  • Dreo Electric Space Heater
  • Remote Control - This convenient remote allows me to control the heater's settings from anywhere in the room.
  • Detachable Filter - The heater comes with a detachable filter, which ensures that the air circulated by the device remains clean and free from particles.
  • Safe ALCI Plug - To ensure the heater's safe usage in bathrooms, it is equipped with a safe ALCI plug that provides extra protection against electrical hazards.
  • Easy Carry Handle - The heater features a sturdy handle that makes it easy to move around and transport from one room to another.


The Dreo Electric Space Heater for Bathroom and Indoor comes with the following specifications:

  • Brand: Dreo
  • Indoor/Outdoor Usage: Indoor
  • Form Factor: Cabinet
  • Color: Black
  • Special Feature: Adjustable Thermostat from 41 to 95°F, 70° Wide Oscillation, 5 Modes, LED Digital Display, Remote Control & Touch Control, Tip-over Protection, Detachable Filter, Safe ALCI Plug (For Bathroom Use), IP21 Waterproof, 1-12H Timer, Portable-Small Size, Easy Carry Handle


The documentation provided with the Dreo Electric Space Heater was extremely helpful in understanding the different functions and features of the product. It provided clear instructions on how to operate the heater, set the desired temperature, and utilize the various modes. The user guide also included safety precautions and maintenance tips. If you are interested in exploring the user guide, you can find it here.

Features - What We Found

1. Safer for Bathrooms

The Dreo Electric Space Heater is specifically designed to be safe for use in bathrooms. It features an ALCI safety plug that immediately shuts off the heater in case of a short circuit or contact with water. This provides peace of mind and ensures your safety while keeping you warm in the bathroom during colder days. By addressing safety concerns, this heater offers a unique solution for bathroom heating.

Pro-tip: Always ensure that the heater is placed on a stable surface and away from any flammable materials when using it in the bathroom or any other room.

2. Quiet and Fast Heating

Dreo's unique airflow structure minimizes noise levels to as low as 36.5 dB, allowing you to enjoy peaceful nights without any disturbance. The 1500W PTC ceramics in the heater provide fast heating by reaching 75°F in just 2 seconds. Combining this with a powerful yet quiet brushless DC motor, the Dreo heater ensures rapid and efficient heating while maintaining a peaceful environment.

Pro-tip: To further enhance the quietness of the heater, ensure it is placed on a stable surface and away from any objects that may cause vibrations or rattling noises.

3. Heat Any Way You Like

This electric heater offers 5 energy-efficient modes to suit your varying needs. The H1, H2, and H3 modes provide heating power levels of 900W, 1000W, and 1500W respectively, allowing you to adjust the intensity of the heat. The Eco mode self-adjusts the heating level to keep you in constant comfort while saving energy. Additionally, the heater can function in Fan Only mode for air circulation without heat.

You can easily personalize your comfort with the 40-95°F digital thermostat and 70° oscillating feature which ensures even distribution of heat throughout the room. The 12-hour timer allows you to set a specific operating time for the heater, providing convenience and energy efficiency.

4. Perfect for Home and Office

The Dreo Electric Space Heater is compact and portable, with a built-in handle for easy transportation. It measures 10.3 inches in size, making it suitable for use in various locations such as the bathroom, living room, kitchen, bedroom, and office. Its versatility allows you to enjoy warmth and comfort wherever you need it.

Pro-tip: When using the heater in different rooms, adjust the heating modes, temperature, and oscillation settings according to the specific requirements of each space.

5. Multi-Protection Features

This portable heater is equipped with multiple safety features to ensure your well-being. It is made with V-0 rated flame-retardant materials, providing added protection against fire hazards. The tip-over and overheat protection features automatically shut off the heater in case of an accidental tip-over or excessive temperature, preventing accidents and potential damage.

The 24-hour auto shut off feature provides ultimate safety by automatically turning off the heater after 24 hours of continuous operation. This feature ensures that the heater does not run unnecessarily and conserves energy.

Our Review

Our Score: 91.0

I recently purchased the Dreo Electric Space Heater for Bathroom and Indoor, and I must say, it has exceeded my expectations. The safety features, such as the ALCI safety plug and automatic shut off, provide peace of mind, especially when using it in the bathroom. The heater heats up quickly and quietly, thanks to its unique airflow structure and powerful brushless DC motor. I appreciate that it also has a removable and easy-to-clean filter to ensure clean air circulation.

One of the standout features of this heater is its versatility. With 5 energy-efficient modes and a 70° oscillation, I can customize my comfort level based on my needs. The digital thermostat allows me to adjust the temperature with precision increments, and the 12-hour timer adds convenience. Whether I use it at home or in the office, its compact size and portable design make it easy to take anywhere.

In terms of safety, this heater is top-notch. Made with flame-retardant materials and equipped with tip-over and overheat protection, I feel confident using it for extended periods. The heater also has a sleek appearance and user-friendly controls. Although it doesn't have additional features like a humidifier or air cleaner, its performance and quality make it worth the investment.

To read more reviews and purchase the Dreo Electric Space Heater for Bathroom and Indoor, click here.

Best combination

Space Heaters for Indoor Use

When it comes to creating the perfect cozy and comfortable environment in your home, the Dreo Electric Space Heater for Bathroom and Indoor is a fantastic addition to consider along with the main product, the Dreo Space Heaters for Indoor Use. These two heaters complement each other perfectly, providing you with optimum warmth and comfort no matter where you are in your home.

The Dreo Electric Space Heater is packed with features that make it an excellent choice for those who want a reliable and efficient heating solution. With its 1500W power and advanced PTC ceramic heating element, this heater quickly heats up any room, ensuring you stay warm, even on the chilliest of days.

One of the standout features of this alternate product is its digital thermostat, which allows you to set your desired temperature between 40-95°F. This feature ensures that your room stays at the perfect temperature for your comfort. Additionally, the 70° oscillation function spreads the warmth evenly throughout the room, eliminating any cold spots.

The inclusion of a remote control and a 12-hour timer further enhances the convenience and ease of use of this heater. You can effortlessly adjust the settings without leaving your cozy spot, and the timer allows you to set the heater to automatically turn off after a certain period, saving energy and giving you peace of mind.

Furthermore, the ALCI safety plug provides an extra layer of protection, giving you confidence that your safety is a top priority. The Dreo Electric Space Heater is also designed to operate quietly, which makes it a perfect option for use in any room, including bedrooms and home offices, without interrupting your activities or sleep.

In summary, the Dreo Electric Space Heater for Bathroom and Indoor is an excellent addition to the Dreo Space Heaters for Indoor Use. With its reliable performance, advanced features, and focus on safety, this alternate product enhances the overall heating experience provided by the main product. Invest in both and enjoy the perfect warmth and comfort in your home.

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