Part 3 - Bathroom Setup

A big part of the experience with a guest staying is the bathroom. Having a very clean bathroom is crucial to any stay. If the vacuum misses a hair on the carpet in the bedroom, guests aren't generally going to notice or think of it as a detractor. The opposite is true in the bathroom. One small hair missed can make everything seem unclean. So before we start getting into the bathroom, know that cleaning properly every time is extremely critical.

Private vs Shared Bathroom

You are allowed to have a shared bathroom on Airbnb. Meaning that different guests in different rooms might share a bathroom. The guest might share a bathroom with you or your family too. In some markets, this works out really well because a lot of hosts have a shared bathroom. In other markets, almost no hosts have shared bathrooms and so a shared bathroom won't do as well.

As a guest, it is always much nicer to have your own exclusive bathroom.

Having a shared bathroom can lower your average nightly price. So it may or may not be better for your revenue and bottom line to only host one room instead of two if hosting two means you have to do a shared bathroom. Look at listings in your area and see how other hosts are doing bathrooms.

Essentials List

When it comes to the bathroom, less is more similar to the bedroom. You want to provide everything that guests expect, and to have a good experience, but don't want to go overboard and start cutting into your returns or make it harder for you to clean. As stated above, cleanliness is the most critical component of the bathroom.

These are some new cost estimates with links to our Airbnb Host Supplies links. What you find in your area may vary for items too.

$50 Shampoo, Conditioner, Bodywash

Most people don't travel with these unless they have a particular type they know they need to use. If you want to go for a more hotel-style feel, then go ahead and get a 3-way dispenser. Otherwise, it's best to go with bottles that have a pump on them. Either way, you want a neutral fragrance that's not geared towards a specific gender. Costco Kirkland is actually a great solution for this.

$5 Hand Soap

You'll want to get one that has a more fancy looking bottle than the Dial soap bottle. You can still find cool looking bottles for a dollar, and if you want to buy a large bulk bottle to refill down the line you can as long as the color matches the original.

$30 Toilet Paper

Don't get super cheap toilet paper. Get something you would be happy to use. Not only does the cheap toilet paper detract from the experience, but the added waste of needing more to get the job done also negates most if not all the savings. Again Costco Kirkland is good quality at a decent price.


$40 Rack Primary Towels (2 per Towel Rack, bought in a set)

If you want the hotel-style feel you can get white hospitality towels for this. Some say have white towels because you can bleach them to get them clean. That doesn't always work, and they stain really easily, so I tend to instead go with a slightly darker color like tan or grey or blue. Something that won't show those stubborn stains, still come clean easily and are cosmetically appealing and gives a more homey feel. That will give a better experience for guests, and give them more reason to stay with you again. It also gives a better vibe in your Airbnb listing pictures.

I've found this Oxiclean spray to work really well for getting stains out.

You want 2 towels on each towel rack. If your towel rack isn't big enough to fit 2 towels folded in half, fold them into thirds to hang them. If your towel rack is smaller than that, get a larger towel rack. 


($40) Rack Primary Wash Cloths (2 per Towel Rack, bought in a set)

These should be a matching type to your primary towels. They don't have to be the same color or design as long they're the same make. The benefit of a different color is that they'll stand out a little more and give a little flair. If you go with a different color or design, make sure it's a similar base color so they can be washed with the towels. They're part of the set linked.

You can fold these in half and place them over the primary towels on the towel rack, similar to what you've probably seen in Hotels.

($40) Primary Hand Towel (bought in a set)

This can match the towel or the washcloth color, and make sure it's of the same type. Fold into thirds for most hand towel racks. They're part of the set linked.

$20 Spare Towels (bought in a set)

These are less important than the primary towels and just go under the sink. If starting out, just buy a few cheaper towels or find some used ones at a thrift store. You'll continue to collect these as your primary towels gain stains that you can't get out but are otherwise functional. These don't have to match, and overtime, as you change styles or lose some towels, these will become a mix.



$20 Hosed Shower Head

A big bonus for a lot of people is a good shower head with a hose. For taller people, this really helps get the water above their heads. Some people really like taking the head down and getting everywhere.

$20 Toilet Paper Holder

You'll want one just behind the toilet so guests don't have to search through the sink. You'll only want to put a single roll on it unless someone is staying with you for an extended amount of time. This is one of the most commonly stolen items if you load it up all the way with 3 rolls. You can get a used one as long as it's in decent shape. Also, don't get one that is enclosed, make sure guests can see the toilet paper and know it's there.


$10 Night Light

Since guests aren't familiar with your space, it can be a hassle to try to navigate in the dark. Even more so in the middle of the night when they're trying to use the bathroom. A night light in the bathroom is a very nice touch that will make guests feel more comfortable. Normally bought in a pack, the other can go in the hallway or bedroom.

$15 Plunger

Unless you have a high-quality toilet that doesn't clog, having a decent plunger next to the toilet is crucial. As a guest, it is embarrassing to have to go to the host about a clogged toilet.

$5 Bathroom Trash Can

Next to the toilet a small trash can. You might want to put liners in it, but isn't as necessary as the trash can in the room.

$10 Hair Dryer

For under the sink. It can be a used one again as long as it's in decent shape. It will be used for drying more than hair.


$225 - Total Bathroom Essentials Estimate

Other Possible Needs or Additives

$30 Shower Curtain

Obviously doesn't apply to all bathroom designs. Get something with a design that fits the bathroom well, and preferably doesn't need a liner. You do not need drape shower curtains.

$10 Bath Floor Mat 

Optional here. You don't want a mat in front of the toilet as it will need to be washed between every guest. If your toilet and bathtub are on the opposite ends of the room, then you can get one for in front of the tub.

$10 Bathtub Non-Slip Mat

If your tub doesn't have non-slip built-in or is in generally slippery, save yourself a headache down the road and get one that covers the full tub.

$10 Makeup Wipes 

Generally, makeup will come out of your washcloths, but not always. This also comes down to who your guests tend to be. It might be more costly to continue to replenish wipes than replace washcloths on occasion. Also, generally speaking, if a guest ruins a washcloth they are likely to agree to cover the cost to replace the "ruined" washcloth (which now becomes a spare).

I've found this Oxiclean spray to work really well for getting stains out.

$10 Room Spray

For those times when someone really unloads. Optional, and you might find that a guest buys one for themself and leaves it.

$10 Tissues

This could be placed in the bedroom instead. Toilet paper works as tissue, and a guest might buy their own and leave it.

$5 - Hand Lotion

Optional as most people won't use it, but is a nice additive. Be sure it's a pump if you do get lotion.


$85 - Total Other Bathroom Expenses Estimate 

That is all you really want in the bathroom. The other things you might find don't add to the experience and make it harder and more costly to maintain. A toothbrush holder would need to be spotless cleaned between each guest. Spare other disposables aren't expected. You could put your toilet bowl brush next to the toilet if it's nice-looking. If there's anything else the guest needs, they'll either ask for it or bring it themselves.

A final note on cleanliness, this Lysol 10x Power toilet bowl cleaner works wonders for cleaning toilet bowls getting rings and deposits out. It also works on tubs.


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